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Handmade notebooks, cards and posters -

dedicated to the sacred feminine and female body wisdom.

May the images' healing and empowering intentions inspire you!


handmade notebooks



You are a shop owner?

You are a facilitator of women's retreats, a leader of women's circles, a doula, midwife e.g.

and you see these notebooks, cards or posters as a beautiful addition to your space or the programs you offer and for the women you work with?

Then I'll be happy to let you know about retail prices and sell my products through you. 

Please contact me via email here.

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about my drawings

The theme of femininity forms a common thread in all my work. My explorations and growth in my personal life go hand in hand with the content of my work. A life in nature and the devotion to spiritual practices and bodywork play a central role in the larger context.


The images of 'the creator' and 'guardian of elemental force' come from a series of intuitive drawings in which I explored the female cycle and the wisdom and power which springs from a woman's womb space when living in conscious connection with her menstrual cycle and sexual energy.


By being a voice for female empowerment and sacred female principles, I want to inspire you to create space for, nourish, express and celebrate female aspects in life. 


Handmade with great care, every notebook is made with paper from sustainable sources and shipped directly from me to the recipient.


I love wrapping presents and offer the possibility to have your products sent as a gift: I can wrap your orders nicely and add your personal note in handwriting to a card of your choice and send them to your friends and loved ones.


May all benefit from the healing and empowering intentions the images carry.

luisa lua

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