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This handmade notebook comes in size DinA 5, 80 pages, 70gr paper.

It can be used as a notebook, sketchbook or special diary.

The print and paper comes from sustainably responsible sources. 


'The creator' is a celebration of the divine feminine and female body wisdom. It reflects on the sacredness of the female cycle, pregnancy, phases of retreat and creation.



How to shop with retail prices: 

You are a shop owner?

You are a facilitator of women's retreats, a leader of women's circles, a doula, midwife e.g. and see these notebooks, cards or posters as a beautiful addition to your space or the programs you offer and for the women you work with? 

Then I'll be very happy to let you know about retail prices. Please contact me via email. 


May the images' healing and empowering intentions inspire you!

Love, Luisa Lua

the creator, notebook

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