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Luisa Lua - born in Germany, based in Portugal - is a multidisciplinary artist, working in the fields of music, performance and installation art. 


A central focus of her work is the exploration of femininity and female principles, as well as being an advocate for a holistic approach to female empowerment. 


In the recent years Luisa Lua participated in various courses and trainings regarding female body wisdom, rite of passage, menstrual studies and the mentoring of young people. And she has started to pass on this knowledge as a teacher in the context of women’s seminars. 

Luisa Lua’s own learning and the witnessing of many women’s intimate stories on their way of healing and empowerment serve as inspiration and has become a motor in the context of her artistic work.

Generations over generations women and other minorities were forced to keep themselves small, to hold back, to obey. Questioning things the way they are and healing individual and cross-generational trauma are forms to build a ground for a truly just co-existence. 


The artist’s creation processes are strongly influenced by ritualistic actions, spiritual awareness, a conscious connection with nature and the deep urge to contribute to positive change in the world.

The exploration of women’s history, female archetypes and mythological figures, as well as teachings about masculine and feminine principles are also playing an important role. It enables her to experience herself in her wholeness and create art pieces where other people can get in touch with their own stories and wholeness too.

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