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music stand for?

What do you and your music stand for?

I see it as my mission to stand up for female empowerment - or you could also say: It is my mission to embody female empowerment as a human being and through my music and thereby contribute to positive change in the world.

mean to you?

What does female empowerment mean to you?

For me, there is a lot more behind the term female empowerment than one might spontaneously assume. It is about creating a fundamental balance - a deep, holistic understanding of justice and respect for life as such. In my opinion female empowerment stands for a just and kind coexistence among all genders and a conscious, mindful connection to the earth. It’s about women’s rights and women’s safety. And this goes further than women’s quota, equal pay and laws which protect women’s well-being. Women shouldn’t only be able to function and participate in a men’s world, but be allowed to show up in a way that honors their female qualities, needs, potential and power – their female power! This movement is about rediscovering and honoring feminine aspects and giving them the kind of space and voice they deserve. It is about freedom of speech and autonomy - the possibility for people from all genders to make autonomous choices about their health and wellness, relationships, political opinions, free self-expression and so forth. It is about the awakening of an awareness of oneness and creating a balance between masculine and feminine principles. These principles are present in all areas of our lives, but in too many places the masculine principles are the ones that dominate, which causes imbalances and toxic effects within patriarchal structures. Feminine aspects are inherent in every human being, regardless of gender. But most of us grew up in a world where the potential of these aspects was not always welcome and rarely nurtured. This includes abilities such as feeling, intuition, a mindful approach to one's own body, the knowledge of its cycles and a more harmonious connection with one another and nature.  We can have access to a divine feminine life force which carries an immense creative power. It often awakens whenever women free themselves from the constraints of old ideas, false beliefs and dogmas. And when they come into deep, conscious contact with their body and soul, their inner wisdom and authentic self-expression.  Over many centuries (if not longer) due to social and cultural circumstances the conscious connection to this divine life force and wisdom has been blocked for many people. And therefor it has been hard for most women to access, embrace and benefit from it. A lot of shaming, discrimination and punishment has taken place, and still is ongoing, regarding women and their bodies, their menstrual cycle, pregnancy, birth, motherhood, their innate instincts, intelligence, community spirit and leadership qualities.   In the course of my life, I myself have started to walk the path of remembering, healing and integrating female qualities that are true and important to me. So when I sing about female empowerment in my music, it goes hand in hand with my own personal process of empowerment as a woman and female artist. I think we as a collective need to rediscover and make space for female power in a holistic sense in order to bring our world back into a healthy balance. It’s about the expansion of our consciousness, our inner work and the creation of relationships and communities which nurture co-creation in safe environments and overcome the mindset of separation. Systems which are fuelled by egocentric, competitive thinking do not nurture a sense of community, equality and reverence of life. Hierarchical structures based on centralized power, violence, oppression, abuse, exploitation etc. don’t either. Gossiping, bitching, shaming, ridiculing and so forth are also behaviours which strengthen toxic patriarchal structures that dominate many areas of our societies. But we as individuals have the choice to treat each other as competitors or as allies. We have been given the opportunity to find out what it takes to heal old painful stories, let go of perpetrator and victim roles and call in a new reality. Change happens from within and then ripples out into our relationships, communities and societies! I have participated in many women's seminars and women's circles. In some cases I co-facilitated and led them. It was a healing experience for me to get to know this kind of work and togetherness. I got to spend time in spaces that felt like a shelter and power source at the same time. It can be really healing for women to be surrounded and supported by the sovereignty, solidarity, compassion and joy of other women. In these spaces we share ancient knowledge and new insights, practices and resources and we are free to show ourselves authentically - in our vulnerability and in our full power. The same thing can also happen in other contexts if people agree to bring this kind of awareness into their intimate relationships and hopefully step by step into their families, work environments and communities. The female empowerment movement can be seen as a declaration of love for life. It says yes to life and wants to protect it. It recognises life’s worth and meets it with reverence and gratitude. There’s a connection between how we as humans treat ourselves and one anther and how we are treating the earth. For example when a person from any gender understands and respects the menstrual cycle of a bleeding person, the chances are high that this person will be able to meet the earth, her cycles, all her beings and resources with much more respect and gratitude. And a woman who knows and honors her own body, might consider treating nature in the way she herself would like to be treated … I personally am a big fan of menstrual cycle awareness. It has opened so many doors for me towards all levels of my being and all in existence. But female empowerment can be embodied in all kinds of ways and is a motor which enables people to express themselves truthfully and create a life of freedom, joy, authenticity, connection, kindness, love and respect. Music can be a powerful tool to contribute to positive change, because it has the ability to reach people on the level of the heart and soul. When it became clear to me that female empowerment is a central topic in my music, I started asking myself how to bring my own values and visions not only into my art but also into the work process itself and into the way I navigate through life. This kind of commitment has opened the doors to transformational experiences. It may take a lot of courage and strength at many points along the way. But it also reveals to the ones who choose to walk this path that change is possible. A lot of positive change is already happening in this world!

passionate about female empowerment?

How come you are so passionate about female empowerment?

I think I was born with this passion! Already as a child, I had a strong sense of justice. Then, in the course of my life, my personal boundaries were repeatedly crossed and the feeling in me grew stronger that I wanted to be an advocate for this issue.


At age 14 I experienced being punished and excluded when standing up for respectful behaviour in my class at school by raising my voice against a teacher who, among other things, talked to us in sexist ways. As a result, I had to change schools in the middle of the school year because the school staff and village community I grew up in protected the teacher and turned their backs on me and my family - except for one teacher who secretly shared his solidarity with us (he was an angel to me in that situation).

It wasn't until a few years ago that I realized how much this experience had impacted me. On the one hand, it was traumatizing, on the other hand, it was like an initiation that made me become aware of this issue. 

So when, as an adult, I started to take care of my inner wounded parts that I had carried away from this experience, the song Our Worth was born.


The song Our Worth is for all people who have experienced discrimination, exclusion, oppression and harassment ... who suffer from sexism or the consequences of sexual and verbal violence and abuse ... and who have been told to not speak their own truth ... it is for everyone who supports those in need … and it is for all people out there who value female principles and support and celebrate all empowered girls and women in the whole wide world!

It is a song of empowerment and solidarity among women, all minorities and our allies along the way. 

I hope this song encourages others to find their own path of healing and empowerment and to celebrate femininity. 

We are walking this path as a collective - together!

our worth
our worthluisa lua
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topics for songs

How do you choose topics for your songs?

Most of the time I don’t choose them, but the topics choose me … 

I have always kept a diary and during my youth I started to write poems which then in my twenties eventually turned into writing songs.

Due to my own spiritual connection and high sensitivity, my perception goes beyond my own personal sensation and consciousness. So when I write music or sing, I automatically use my "antennas" to let energies and stories from the collective consciousness, nature and spiritual world flow through me. The boundaries are fluid here …

So the source of my music is a mix of my own inner landscapes, voices of nature and the spirit world and collective stories. 

Having said that one might assume that my music belongs into the genre of spiritual music. But that is not the case. It’s more that I am a person who likes to build bridges between different forms of reality which also includes transcendent spaces.

I usually don't like to think in boxes. It’s the same with my music. I cannot put a tag on it. When writing music I like following my instincts which means I sometimes move beyond common pop song structures or bring together musical elements from different genres like pop, music theatre, jazz, classical music and so on ...

It's an intuitive process - an intuitive way of creative expression, happening within frames that I set up for myself.

educational background

What is your educational background?

I studied Performing Arts at Italia Conti Academy and MD 2000 in London, UK and did further studies in Arts Pedagogy and Dance Therapie at Justus-Liebig Universität, Giessen and EZETTHERA - Europäisches Zentrum für Tanztherapie, Munich, Germany. 

Among others I trained with pop vocal coach Linda Rocco, Scream Factory, Frankfurt, and learned about holistic voice work with Miroslav Grosser, Stimmlabor Freiklang, Germany.

I learned about various healing modalities in the context of body- and energy work.

Most recently I finished a training to be a mentor for girls, young women and young gender nonconforming people, with Katharine Krueger, Journey of Young Women.

And all in all I like to see life itself as a great teacher. When we keep our hearts and minds open, so many precious lessons and opportunities appear along the way.

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