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Luisa Lua

singer - songwriter - performing artist

voice of female empowerment

As children we often get asked what we want to become in the future. As adults we don't really get asked this question anymore. But I, Luisa, say: 

“This is who I want to become, one far away day:

One day I want to become a female ancestor who contributed to paving the way into a world where girls and women don’t even have to ask themselves whether it is safe and okay to be rooted in their full power, speak their truth and live their highest potential in co-creation with the people of their surrounding!

This is what I stand for.

This is my vision for a future which happened due to growth and positive change. 

And where do we start creating this future? 

In the here and now.”

luisa lua

Girls! Women! Speak your truth!

Time is right, you will be heard!

You will get what you deserve!"

lyrics from "Our Worth"



I am happy to connect with you!

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